Christmas Ornaments - Traditions

The Ornaments of Christmas - Traditions
(Part 2 in a 4 Part Christmas Series)

Note: To celebrate Christmas, I am writing a 4 part series on the Ornaments of Christmas, what decorates our lives over the holiday season. Please join me each week for a new ornament.

Each ornament on our family Christmas tree is unique. Some are antique, some are new. Some have meaning, and some are just pretty to look at. But one of our traditions is to talk about each ornament as we place it on the tree. So decorating our tree takes some time, but the kids look forward to it every year.

Family traditions are an ornament of our lives, and they can become a big part of our Christmas celebrations. Each of us may have some traditions from our childhood, but we also develop new traditions when we marry and have children. Some family traditions are well planned and some just seem to happen by chance, and stick around because everyone loves them.

One tradition that just happened is our letter to Santa. When the children were little, we wanted them to write a letter to Santa. However, as a busy mom of several diaper-clad-ankle-biters, I simply forgot to take them to the mall or elsewhere with a pre-written letter to Santa. So there it was, Christmas Eve, and we had not yet written our letter to Santa.

Being a quick thinking mom, I explained to Hannah and Sydney (then four and two) that Santa is magic, and we could leave the letter by the tree and he would be able to leave the gifts when he came that night. They quickly write their detailed letter in backwards letters and misspelled words only a mom could love, and placed it in the branches of the Christmas tree.

In the morning, they found many of the presents they had asked for, and a reply letter from Santa specifically written to them. Santa talked about how grown up they were, and how proud he was of Hannah and her Kindergarten success. He spoke of Sydney’s potty training, and how loving they were to their new baby brother. And he told them to always remember that Christmas was about more than the gifts, and reminded them about Baby Jesus and the gift God gave to the world.

Well, that Christmas Eve letter became our tradition. What began because of a busy mom’s forgetfulness has become an annual tradition at the Berg house. A few years after that night, I found a felt envelope addressed to Santa at a craft show, and so every year, our letter goes in there and is hung on the tree. And every year, Santa writes back, specifically to each of our children, even the grown up teenagers, telling them how proud he is of them and reminding them to focus on Jesus for Christmas and in their lives.

Of course, one by one, each of the children figured out that the letters were from Dad, but as they grew up, that made them even more special.

As Family traditions are an ornament of our lives, one that shines bright. Some family traditions are well planned and some just seem to happen by chance, and stick around because everyone loves them. Whatever your family traditions are, embrace the joy in them, and know that the best Christmas tradition is the one that points you to the Baby in the manger. The Great I am. The One who was born to save us all.

And that is the tradition we must hand down.


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