Let's Make a Deal

Welcome to Let’s Make a Deal – motherhood version. I’ll begin by giving you a gift certificate for diner out, just for two, to your favorite restaurant.

Now, do you want to keep that gift certificate out to dinner, or trade it in for what lies behind curtain number one? Maybe it’s a new minivan, all clean and polished, minus the stale French fries on the carpet and cracker wrappers under the seat cushions. Maybe it’s a weekend spa get away, where you can escape motherhood for a day or two and lose your cares in the warmth of a mud bath and a pedicure. The possibilities are simply endless.

Decide quickly as the crowd is beginning to chant, “Make a deal…make a deal...” so the pressure is on.

Yes, you say you want curtain number one. I understand that finding a babysitter is tough, and that since you haven’t had a date night with your husband in over a year, you probably wouldn’t know what to talk about anyway. Makes sense.

So, hand over that gift certificate, and reveal what’s behind curtain number one.

Nope, no minivan there. It’s a gift certificate to the mall. Where you can buy over $500 worth of new clothes for yourself!

Ok. So you have moved up a notch. Things are looking bright. Now, your next decision is whether you want to keep your mall gift certificate, or trade that in for what lies under that huge, red and purple-striped box on the stage.

“Make a deal…make a deal...” chants the crowd.

Yes, I know it’s a tough decision. You say that you haven’t bought new clothes for yourself in so long you wouldn’t know where to begin. The size would probably depress you and you would probably end up spending the money to buy your children new shoes, jeans and book bags. Makes sense.

Ok, you have decided to trade in your $500 mall gift certificate for what lies under that huge, striped box. Reveal the box please.

Yes, you have it right. You have traded up for a week long vacation in the Bahamas, for two. Woo hoo! You are on a role, girlfriend!

Now have to decide if you want to keep that dream vacation, or trade it in for what lies behind door number three.

“Make a deal…make a deal...” the crowd begins again.

So do you want to keep the dream vacation or trade it in for what lies behind door number three?

“Make a deal…make a deal...” the crowd chimes in.

She is making a deal folks! She is trading in that dream vacation in the Bahamas for what lies behind door number three! Can you believe it?

Ok. Please reveal what lies behind door number three….

Oh, I am sorry. It is an old man in a diaper, sitting in a giant rocking chair sucking his thumb. Wait a minute, though. He is holding something in his hands.

Yes, that’s it. He is holding a turkey hand print, a Christmas tree made out of noodles, and a note that reads, “I love you mom!”

Yes ladies and gentlemen! She has hit the jackpot! She has traded up everything she has for a lifetime of love, filled with sticky peanut butter hugs, Hershey kisses, and sleepless nights waiting for teenagers to meet curfew.

Wow! What a turnaround, folks! What a dream prize!

Ok. Who’s up next on Let’s - Make - a - Deal!

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