A Hearrt Otterbox

I just got my very first Otterbox for my iPhone. Wow, do I sound with it! Even saying those words makes me feel like I am in the know, high tech savvy and ready to go. I got the teal shaded Otterbox, and boy does it look great! Of course, I had to look up on YouTube how to open the Otterbox, install my iPhone, and re-seal the Otterbox. Nothing is ever simple, is it?

For those of you a little less tech savvy than me, the Otterbox is a case for the iPhone that is an impact case, intended to protect the iPhone from damage due to dropping. It is a durable silicone case “engineered with inner coring to dissipate shock away from the device,” or so they say. In essence, complete protection from any harm or damage due to the shocks from dropping the phone.

I will confess that I am sort of clumsy, and have been known to drop my cell phone from time to time- out of my purse, my pocket or even my hand. Now that I have my sleek, new, teal Otterbox protecting my iPhone, I feel very safe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could Otterbox our hearts? After the week I have had, it sounds good to me.

We could sell them in fashionable color tones, like light and dark teal, fuchsia pink or even camouflage for those outdoorsy types. Heart Otterboxes would be portable, you could carry them in your purse or your pocket, anywhere you go.

Heart Otterboxes would protect our hearts from breaking when loved ones pass away, from pain when family and friends let us down and from agony when cruel people say and do things that make us feel unimportant and outcasted. The Heart Otterbox would be engineered with an inner core to dissipate shock when life turns on a dime and a sudden car accident or cancer diagnoses shakes up your entire life.

Boy, the more I think about it, the Heart Otterbox is sounding better and better to me.

The only problem is that if the Heart Otterbox keeps things out, it most likely also keeps things in, things were were created to share with others, like love, kindness and compassion. Our hearts would be shielded from all of the pain, but they would also be isolated from all of the joy.

Can you imagine a world where we were not able to wipe a friend’s tear, hug loved one or feel the joy of holding a newborn baby?

I guess safety can be overrated, even if it sounds good sometimes.

God did not create our hearts so that we could seal them away in some form of Heart Otterbox. He created our hearts so that we could share joy, love, compassion with each other.

I may be getting more tech savvy, but I guess I will never be heart savvy. I seem to let my heart get hurt more than I should.

I suppose the good always comes with the bad, like Peter Pan and his shadow, they cannot be separated. And no matter how much we want to protect our hearts from the shocks that life sometimes brings, I think we need to travel to the valleys in order to appreciate the mountaintop moments we are blessed to have.

I am glad to have my new teal Otterbox for my iPhone, but I guess I need to leave my heart unprotected, that is, if I want experience the love in my life.

Nothing is ever simple, is it?

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